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About Us

In this fast-paced society, the world is a melting pot filled with different cultures and cuisine. Here at Ace Synergy, we are the epitome of fun when it comes to snacks and confectionery. This is why we strive to be innovative, creative and unique to each and every market we establish ourselves in without compromising quality and safety standards.
We place great emphasis on research and product development to ensure that our creation will be safe for consumption. Taking into consideration of various factors like temperature and climate, we conduct our research in environments identical to the areas we intend to sell. Food safety is our utmost priority. Using stringent international food safety standards like the ones in the EU, United States and Singapore, we adhere to these standards to ensure whatever we deliver is only the best and safest.


We aim to bring safe and quality products to every corner of the world. We strive to be a leading global snacks and confectionery brand; putting our customers in first place and assuring that our products can be accessed worldwide.


To embrace innovation and set stringent standards to bring high-quality and customised products to the diverse international market. We focus greatly on research and product development, set a strong emphasis on quality control to provide consumers with best quality of food products.


Ace Synergy International Pte Ltd was established in the year 2006 in Singapore with the aim of becoming one of the leading experts in snack and confectionery products. 

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